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The problems of the Corriere, the Expo 2015, the money wasted by the regions and the growth of the Green...

The problems of the Corriere, the Expo 2015, the money wasted by the regions and the growth of the Green parties all across Europe

The week of Giornalettismo starts with a view of the complicated situation of the Corriere della Sera. A conflict between the editorial staff and editor Ferruccio De Bortoli is taking place at the main national newspaper: workers are accused of conservatism and poor propensity towards the new media. Few will be saved.

That the Expo 2015 in Milan would have primarily been a great bargain for builders and entrepreneurs, everybody knew. What fewer knew is that Silvio Berlusconi is going to profit personally from it, thanks to a piece of land in Monza and a providential intervention by the former local councillor (and current minister) Paolo Romani.

Benedict XVI, as usual, comes on strong when he’s looking at the speck of sawdust in modern society’s eye. This time it’s about anonym capitals “enslaving mankind”, “a destructive power threatening the world”. As equally usual, he pays no attention to the plank in his own eye.

Pietro Salvato explains who are Peter Diamond, Dale Mortensen and Christopher Pissarides, the three keynesian economists who won this year’s Nobel Prize.

The Region of Lazio finds the money to start a new useful service: a website to illustrate announcements and initiatives in a language which is accessible to everyone. Too bad the results are not exactly as expected.

Meanwhile, in Calabria the regional council approves the participation of its delegation to Columbus Day 2010 in New York. The cost of the trip is not known with precision, but it surely won’t help filling the one billion euros hole in the region’s health service.

Did Enrico De Pedis and the Banda della Magliana know everything about Emanuela Orlandi‘s kidnapping? That’s what attorney Giancarlo Capaldo claims. But the story doesn’t really add up, and De Pedis‘ widow begs to differ, too.

Thanks to Mediobanca and the french associate Bollorè, Salvatore Ligresti‘s group is going to be saved again. But who is Ligresti, and how did he come to control, more or less directly, the key places of the Italian economic system?

Students and researchers demonstrated this Thursday in Rome against the approval of Gelmini‘s reform. A set of pictures will help you get an idea.

France, Sweden, Netherlands, England, Germany, Columbia. Green parties are going well and growing around all Europe and in the rest of the world. The only exception, quite unsurprisingly, is Italy.