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The shortcomings of Gelmini’s reform, the problems in the Pdl and the equally important ones in the Pd, the European...

The shortcomings of Gelmini’s reform, the problems in the Pdl and the equally important ones in the Pd, the European Union threatening animals and the unfortunate remarks of minister Bondi

The week of Giornalettismo was opened with the usual accurate analysis by Carlo Cipiciani, this time focused on Gelmini‘s “reform” and the difficult situation of the 180 thousand temporary employees in the Italian school system. Rather than cutting resources and teachers or promise future hirings, we should rationally regulate access to the teaching profession. On a related note, don’t miss the footage and the pictures from Cobas and Cgil‘s demonstration in Viale Trastevere, in front of the ministry’s head office.

Who are the mysterious twenty-three deputies who will give their support to the current majority? The group that is going to save the party of the North consists almost entirely of people from the South: between them, politicians convicted for fraud or bounds with mafia, a super-assentee and a former democratic provincial secretary.

A lot of insight into the Democratic Party‘s internal situation: the never ending struggle between D’Alema and Veltroni still goes on. The first with Bersani, the second with Chiamparino; the first looking for allies, the second willing to run alone; the first calling for a proportional voting system and the second for a first-past-the-post system. Polls are not encouraging, and Alessandro D’Amato explains why the future, whatever they choose to do, is not bright.

Starting from the “COOP Report on Consumption and Distribution”, a nice amount of data and some useful suggestion to get out from the crisis: increasing competition in the services market could help a lot.

Where did the democratic candidates go? The first-on-the-list candidates from the Pd in the last elections seem to be vanished. Some won a seat in Strasbourg, some quitted the party, someone else, quite simply, is not hanging around that much lately.

Unification of parliament groups with the Democratic Party, removal of Di Pietro‘s name from the symbol, full merger with the democrats: Italia dei Valori and its leader did not exactly keep all their promises.

Dopo le polemiche sulla direttiva dell’Unione Europea (e sulla povera Iva Zanicchi che l’aveva votata a casaccio) in tema di sperimentazione scientifica sugli animali, Tommaso Caldarelli prova a vederci più chiaro e a capire se gli animalisti hanno davvero motivo di essere preoccupati.

After the controversy about the European Union‘s directive on animal testing (and about the poor Iva Zanicchi who voted for it without even knowing), Tommaso Caldarelli tries to see more clearly, and to understand if activists really have reasons to be worried.

And in order to finish the week as it started, Cicipiani reproaches another minister, Sandro Bondi, who recently said that he wanted to have a role in choosing the jury of the Venice Film Festival: after all, it’s the government money, they should have a special care for Italian movies, shouldn’t they? Actually, no.