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A little bit of clarity about McDonald’s chicken, a close look at Finland, a reportage from the venetian province and...

A little bit of clarity about McDonald’s chicken, a close look at Finland, a reportage from the venetian province and the situation of the majority in Parliament

The week of Giornalettismo starts with the interview with Gaia Montebello, a high class escort, who is not convinced of the sincerity of some of her colleagues, and who really cares about her clients’ privacy.

After the debates (and the due corrections) on the article about McDonald’s nuggets, we were invited to visit an Amadori factory where chicken products are produced. And we asked a few questions to Paolo Mereghetti and Luca Bollani of McDonald’s Italy.

Declared by Newsweek the Best Country in the World, Finland seems to be some kind of Eden. Viola Afrifa shows it more in detail, and explains us why all that glitters is not gold.

Pietro Salvato explains the Italian situation as it is seen by the rest of the world: Italy is perceived as quite immune from the crisis, but the probable fall of the government could represent a factor of instability in a climate which is already worried about the Irish situation (as explained by Andrea Mollica).

Leonardo Bianchi brings a wonderful reportage from Bovolenta, near Padua, one of the towns which were stricken by the disastrous flood of the last days.

High costs, difficult refuelling, few investors. Gobettiano explains why the road for the success of electric cars is still very long.

The premier is being abandoned from his friends too. If even Giuliano Ferrara and Vittorio Feltri are beginning to move away from the uncomfortable position of Berlusconi, then the situation is really serious.

Berlusconi, Belpietro, Capezzone, even the goat’s paw found by minister Brambilla: the attacks and threats to Berlusconi‘s men are increasing. And they are often easily exploited by the same people who suffer them.

The director of Rai, Mauro Masi, does not want Fini and Bersani at Vieni via con me, because of an innovative evening par condicio. Yet, he does not seem to care about that when it comes to Tg1 or some of his phone calls.

Among the promises of Obama that he is yet to keep is the deletion of Don’t ask don’t tell, the american army policy about homosexuality. Removing it may seem obvious, but it won’t be easy at all for the democrats.

Donato De Sena sums up the situation of the majority in the Parliament: in case of early elections, the right should be able to keep the Camera, but it would risk a lot in the Senate.