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The Sabra and Shatila massacre, the symbols of the Lega Nord, the usual weaknesses of Italian economy and Berlusconi’s boasts...

The Sabra and Shatila massacre, the symbols of the Lega Nord, the usual weaknesses of Italian economy and Berlusconi’s boasts

The week of Giornalettismo starts with an examination of the Sabra and Shatila massacre, occurred in Lebanon twenty-eight years ago, and “considered one of the darkest pages of contemporary Israeli history”. Despite a common misconception, the Israeli army’s and Sharon’s responsibilities were very limited.

The multi-branded school of Adro caused a stir, but unfortunately symbols of the Lega Nord can be found in many other public places. In the vicinity of Varese, for example, where the party was born, you can admire graffiti, green crosswalks, and even a quite kitsch roundabout.

A week after the exit of Alessandro Profumo from Unicredit, Gobettiano tries to understand the more or less hidden reasons of an unclear choice, the result of a wrong attitude “mistaking a multinational company for an agricultural bank”.

The new president of ISPRA, the Superior Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, is Bernardo De Bernardinis, member of the Civil Defense Grandi Rischi commission during the earthquake of L’Aquila, and under investigation for manslaughter after the failed evacuation of the city.

After the elections in Venezuela, Andrea Mollica shows how they went for Chavez: the plebiscite he was hoping for in order to get control of 2/3 of the parliament didn’t come, and “the defeat would have been more crushing if Venezuela had had a truly democratic voting system”.

According to the Worldwide Governance Indicators of the World Bank, Italy is not doing good. Among the main weaknesses are political stability, government effectivenes, rule of law, and control of corruption.

Hard sanctions are coming for indebted countries in the euro area. That’s the decision of the European Commitee, who’s going to cut down community fundings towards countries with high debt and public deficit. Among them – quite unsurprisingly – is also Italy.

Silvio Berlusconi publicly boasts about having personally convinced the President of the United States to bail out american banks, thus saving us all. Tommaso Caldarelli shows that his reconstruction, although engaging, is just plain impossible.

Pain management and palliative care are a rarely faced subject, in particular in Italy. Carlo Cipiciani explains why we need “a greater awareness from doctors and healthcare professionals, and a financial and organizational investment from the national health system”.