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The troubles of Il Sole 24 Ore, Alessandro Profumo’s resignation, the never ending wait for federalist reforms, and the swedish...

The troubles of Il Sole 24 Ore, Alessandro Profumo’s resignation, the never ending wait for federalist reforms, and the swedish right extremists

The week of Giornalettismo opens with a pitiless analysis of the crisis of Il Sole 24 Ore, one of the most important newspapers in the country, which is today “destroying the most solid model in the national news industry”. Revenues, subscriptions and circulation plunged. Is it the crisis’ fault? More likely, the new director’s: Gianni Riotta.

There has been a lot of controversy around this year’s commemoration of the capture of Rome, on the 20th of September at Porta Pia, which saw the participation of Vatican representatives for the first time. Among other oddities, a Roman liberal group was denied the authorization to demonstrate. The reason? Ultra-catholics Militia Christi came first.

Also a lot of discussion about the resignation of Alessandro Profumo, UniCredit Group‘s managing director. Gobettiano shows in greater detail what happened and which interests Profumo was harming, while Luca Conforti accuses him of transforming “the epilogue of  long professional experience in a melodrama in which his own egocentricity becomes the measure of everything”.

The much acclaimed fiscal federalism, one of the Lega Nord‘s and Berlusconi‘s favourite pieces, keeps being postponed. Useless in the best-case scenario, dangerous in the worst, Calderoli‘s law seems to be never going to be applied. And as for the cuts for the regions, established in July’s economic reform, after the protests and summer vacations nothing has been done and nobody really seems to be worried about it.

After the far right’s success in Sweden, Viola Afrifa takes a closer look at Sverigedemokraterna, who just triumphantly entered Swedish Parliament.

We were kind of missing Massimo Calearo, entrepreneur and former president of Federmeccanica, brought by Walter Veltroni into the Democratic Party and into Parliament. After a difficult acclimatization process, and after Bersani‘s appointment for party secretary, Calearo switched to Francesco Rutelli‘s Alleanza per l’Italia, and now seems to be quite interested in Berlusconi‘s famous five points.

During his visit in Great Britain, Benedict XVI let himself go a little bit, and restored an old war horse: nazism as a consequence of atheist extremism. Pietro Salvato shows how senseless such an idea actually is.

The “hard and tough” far right is growing: after Fini‘s last moves, Francesco Storace‘s party seems to have renewed its relationship with Berlusconi, and polls assign it a stunning 3%.

The Città dell’Altra Economia is going to shut down in Rome. Placed in Campo Boario, it is dedicated to fair trade and organic farming. The mayor will give the area to private companies, and claims that this will save 250 thousand euros per year. But that’s only part of the truth.